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Chem Service, Inc., an ISO-9001:2008 and an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Certified Company.

Chem Service, Inc. offers the convenience, cost savings and reliability of 1,000 Certified Standards Grade Organic Chemicals at your fingertips with our Organic Mini Stockroom Kit. This kit was the first product Chem Service, Inc. offered when we started in 1962.

Whether your lab is big or small, disposal fees are a concern. The Organic Mini-stockroom offers you the ability to have 1000 different chemicals at quantities ranging from 100mg to 10gm; thus, reducing disposal costs.

Over 95% of our neat Standards Grade materials have a purity of 98.0% or greater, and have been analyzed by three or more (where feasible) independent methods of analysis. These do not require purity corrections when preparing a solution for use with EPA methods. Our more than 13,000 organic and inorganic standards, and solutions, support EPA Methods, ASTM Methods, State UST Methods, Air monitoring Methods, and International Methods. We offer explosive residue standards, PCB congeners, petroleum hydrocarbon standards for the petrochemical industry, pesticide standards, FAME, and vitamin standards for food analysis.

Suited for identification of unknowns, product screening, optimal chemical selection and small scale chemical reactions, the O-1000A Organic Ministockroom Kit was designed for laboratories with broad chemical classification and indentification needs.

Chem Service, Inc. is registered by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc., to the internationally recognized requirements of ISO 9001 for design, development, production, distribution and servicing of organic neat and synthetic reference materials.