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It is now 50 years since Ernest Dawes established Scientific Glass Engineering in a tiny garage at the backyard of a house in Melbourne, Australia. Today, SGE has two modern facilities engaged in developing and manufacturing Chromatography and Analytical Products. SGE has grown substantially with over 400 employees and a distribution and support network in nine countries, including worldwide distribution partners.


The SGE team is continually developing innovative ideas for products and technologies that make a difference for our customers.


SGE started solely as a syringe manufacturer, but now manufactures a vast array of products for chromatography and mass spectroscopy. SGE is an ISO accredited company. We are proud of the fact that all major instrument manufacturers in our field rely on and incorporate SGE manufactured components in their systems.


SGE manufactures a complete range of GC and HPLC chromatography products. We have over 315 people in our modern ISO accreditedmanufacturing facilities located in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. SGE operates an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which gives us the ability to optimize efficiencies, lead times, cost and quality.

SGE manufactures all SGE-labelled products as well as a wide range of OEM chromatography accessories and consumables for well-known chromatography companies. Although we sell SGE products through an extensive worldwide network of offices and distributors, our core strength is our ability to manufacture.


SGE's manufacturing capabilities include:

Precision engineering expertise using a comprehensive range of machining facilities including computer-controlled lathes, mills and grinders
Advanced physics and coating technology
Materials science capabilities 

Fused silica production facility
Capillary column production facility 
Glass forming expertise 
Production facilities for GC inlet liners, septa, and ferrules 
Instrument assembly facilities for example, the ms-NoVent 
Manufacture of precision bore glass for syringes 
Ability to manufacture most GC consumables and accessories

Because we consider one of core competencies is our manufacturing capability, we don't buy individual components and assemble but make most components from the ground up. For example, there are many components which make up a 10.0 µL syringe including the needle, plunger, precision bore glass barrel and various other metal components. All these individual components are manufactured and then assembled in-house. This allows us to totally control all quality aspects.

In the area of capillary columns, we not only make the fused silica tubing but also have a team of polymer chemists who develop and make the phases. The two units then come together and the capillary column is manufactured. The skills required in precision manufacturing compliments our research and development efforts and allows SGE to remain as a leading producer of innovative chromatography products