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Hydrogen and Nitrogen Generators, Consumables, Instruments and Reagents


Chebios is a specialized Company selling Consumables and Accessories for all the Chemicals Laboratories, includingChromatography Columns, VialsStandardsSyringes, Hydrogen Generators, Nitrogen Generators, High Purity Solvents.

With Chebios you'll find: Competence, Professional Answers and certainly Courtesy and Respect.


Chebios offers a complete list of High Quality Hydrogen Generators. From 100 ml/min up to 1000 ml/min.

Chebios Nitrogen generator uses pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA) combined with a pressure management in two steps( DP PSA) to produce pure nitrogen gas with ultra high purity. Nitrogen Ge

Chebios is proud to announce the availability of a new line of Syringes Filters at a very actractive price.

 Vials 2 ml 9-425, screw cap (1000)  graduated 77€. Blue Caps PFTE/white silicone septa ,pre-slit + blue screw cap 2 ml 9-425  80€.Valid till 30 6 2012


A new range of standards for the petrochemical industry and general laboratory use is available at CPAChem's.


CPA is well known to prepare any type of standards mix. Simply complete the pdf file with your specific request of standards.

Is now available the NEW ZEFIRO ZERO LC-MS. This Nitrogen Generator is able to produce: 16, 22, 40, 80, and 120 lt/min.

Zefiro Nitrogen Generator LC MS COMBINED is specically designed to supply Nitrogen & Exhaust gases for the ABSCIEX LC-MS Instruments.CLICK HERE

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